Andrews & Monroe Solicitors are committed to delivering excellent client service and client care. Our Client Care Policy describes what this commitment means in practice and what our clients can expect from us. We will endeavour to adhere to the principle of putting our clients first, thereby ensuring that service excellence is an integral part of the planning and delivery of all services to our clients.

The person with overall responsibility for the Client Care Policy is the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP), Ms Johanna Cargill.

In order to achieve client service excellence, Andrews & Monroe aims at all times to:

  • Provide clients with a high quality, professional and consistent service.
  • Agree levels of service.
  • Act in accordance with the Solicitors Code of Conduct (as amended) and other relevant regulatory requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  • Act in a respectful and courteous manner in all dealings with clients.
  • Represent our clients’ best interest.
  • Ensure all our staff fully understand and are committed to client care in all their interactions with clients.
  • Ensure we communicate effectively with our clients and with an agreed mode of communication upon request. We will not however use ‘text’ or ‘WhatsApp’.
  • Give clear legal advice.
  • Transparency in relation to costs and fees.

At Andrews & Monroe, we make sure that our clients receive a client care letter that fully explains the level of service they will receive. In addition, we will name the person responsible for the individual’s case, their position in the practice and their qualification.

Complaints will be handled by the frm in accordance with our written policy. If the dispute is not settled you will have the right to complain to the Legal Services Ombudsman. Please refer to our Complaints policy for further information.

In order that we can continually improve our service, we actively encourage feedback from our clients. Such feedback is essential to help continually gauge client perceptions of our service.

Andrews & Monroe has the above measures in place to ensure we achieve our goal of providing a quality service.