General Information

1.       Fixed Fees

We at Andrews & Monroe Solicitors charge a fixed fee rate for one off pieces of work. This means that the work would involve us looking at a small amount of for example, just a single contract.

We would discuss the matter with the client and we would provide written advice. Our standard charge for this service is £600.

2.       Other Matters

 Andrews & Monroe solicitors charge a fixed standard hourly rate of £303 which you will be advised about at the beginning of your case.

The amount of work to be carried out will determine the quote you obtain for the work done.

We reserve the right to change our hourly rate.

We always discuss with you the client exactly what we will do for the price quoted.

Below we have explained different types of cases and the potential costs. All costs quoted exclude VAT.

Factors that may turn a simple case into a complex one:

·         Defending any claim.

·         Defending a case where the other side is a litigant on their own without a lawyer.

·         When the case is complex from the beginning. For example a tribunal case that involves whistle-blowing and discrimination will be complex from the beginning.

·         Where there are a large number of witnesses or experts.

·         Attending a hearing, whether a tribunal or court hearing has its own additional costs and at times if a barrister has to be used. The barrister will have to be paid.

It is important to understand there is always a fee for issuing a claim (except the tribunal). There may be a fee for a court application and or/ hearing.

3. Employment Cases

In a very simply employment dispute which settles easily with not a lot to look at you may be charged a fixed fee of £600.

A more complex settlement agreement, you may find yourself paying £1,000 to £3,000. It really depends on the complexity of the case and whether or not the solicitor involved has to negotiate on your behalf.

In terms of litigation for example if you have a dispute regarding the fact that you have been unfairly dismissed or you have been discriminated against, you will be charged the hourly rate unless you want a single piece of advice.

There are disbursements, by this I mean payments in relation to postage or barristers fees. If a barrister is used you will be told beforehand and advised of the costs. The standard 20% VAT charge will apply to disbursements. You would be expected to pay large fees, such as barristers’ charges in advance.

Litigation prices vary depending on the case:

Simply case can cost you £2000 - £3,000

Medium complexity case £3,500 - £15,000.

Complex employment case £15,500 on wards.

What costs money is a full blown hearing! We try our best to see if we can settle as to avoid the hearing. This really however will depend on the other party.

 The stages of the claim:

1.       Taking initial instructions.

2.       Acas conciliation where we try to see if there is a middle ground to settle.

3.       Drafting a claim and issuing the claim

4.       A response from your opponent

5.       Notification of a preliminary hearing

6.       Trying to agree the list of issues before that hearing

7.       Preliminary hearing, if lucky the tribunal provides directions.

a.       Schedule of your losses.

b.      Exchange trial lists

c.       Witness statements

d.      Trial bundle

e.      Hearing date

f.        etc.

8.       Preparation for trial – lots of documents will need to be prepared. The most important the witness statements and trial bundle. Instruct a barrister if deemed necessary.

9.       More complex case a barrister will be used earlier than at the final hearing.

The hearing and its preparation is what costs the most; which is why we try and settle early.

How long your case will take depends on what tribunal your case is issued. There is a huge backlog in the cases in Croydon and Central London Employment Tribunal. They just would not openly make such admissions. Your case can realistically take a year to 18 months from start to finish because of the tribunal backlog.



4. Commercial Cases

This really depends on the case.

The hourly rate will apply. The fixed fee regime applies for simply one off matters.

A simply commercial matter can cost as little as £1,000 and a more complex one as much at £50,000. We really cannot advice on this until we see the matter.


 5. Matrimonial and Children Cases

We charge our hourly rate for matrimonial and children cases.

5.1 In matrimonial cases:

We have to take initial instructions, which would include asking whether you will consider reconciliation and attending counselling sessions. What happens to the children, where everyone is going to live, but more important children under 16? Property will also be discussed.

Mediation will have to be considered.

The stages and matters considered when you are divorcing.

·         A Petition is issued.

·         The Petition is acknowledged.

·         The first stage of the divorce – decree nisi

·         The second stage of the divorce – decree absolute

·         The financial side of the divorce, usually done before decree absolute. The splitting up of assets by agreement is usually the objective of this firm. No joy, then we attend court.

Simply cases – when you have agreed most things yourself and there is little argument. This is the cheapest divorce. Estimate around £5,000.

Mid-range, more complex cases – you are arguing about one thing, then the case can cost £10,000 to £15,000 as an estimate.

Complex cases, lots of assets, lots of arguments and finances are hidden. All-out war. Certainly not recommended, then the case can run into years (5 years easily) and the costs over £100,000.

5.2 In the Children Cases

·         Take instructions first.

·         Encourage mediation where possible.

·         No mediation, then the case is issued.

·         The opponent responds.

·         Preliminary hearing before a Judge.

·         Directions

·         Final hearing

We charge our hourly rate.

We really push to settle. The difference between a cheap cases is that the parties agree early. An expensive case, the parties argue everything and we are unable to agree.

The main cost again would be the hearing.

 6. Immigration Cases

Our hourly rate will remain the same.

So far we have not done any immigration work. If this remains the case we will simply delete this aspect of our website.