Employment Solicitors for Unfair/Constructive Dismissal

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We assist employers and employees with all aspects of dismissal: Constructive, wrongful or unfair. 

Constructive dismissal claim occurs when a member of staff resigns because of the conduct of the employer which usually is in breach of the employment contract.

Wrongful dismissal - termination of the employment contract by an employer in the wrong way.

Unfair dismissal, which is the most common occurs, when  an employer dismisses an employee and the employee believes the dismissal is unjustified. Employers can dismiss and it is legal if they follow the correct procedures and can show they have acted fairly.

Unfair dismissal -employers

If you are an employer and worried your employee  will issue a claim against you for unfair dismissal, it is important to know where you stand. If you have followed your own procedures regarding dismissal correctly and have treated similar cases exactly the same, then you should be fine regarding any potential claim. We will assess whether or not there is a potential claim and we will let you know if you have a valid defence: redundancy, conduct dismissal, illegality/ capacity or some other substantial reason. Where you have got things wrong, we will simply do our best to get you out of the mess quickly.

Most employers find grievances and disciplinary hearings tricky. We guide you through these if necessary and are happy to represent employers if a claim has been issued.

We have helped small and medium size employers resolve their legal problems and more often than not we avoid the need for costly litigation.

Unfair dismissal & employees

If you have been sacked and you believe it is unfair we will assess your case and advice you if we agree with your assumptions. Ultimately we aim to make your employers pay if they have got things wrong. We negotiate a settlement.

Whether your an employer or employee, we focus on getting results. For our clients that may be getting an employer out of a bad situation by paying as little as possible or obtaining as much money as possible if you are an employee. 

We have done employment law for over 20 years and are responsible for some important employment law decisions.

95% of our clients were happy with the outcome of their dispute. 




Employment Solicitors for unfair dismissal